Persons from Marseille have the Pastis
persons from New-York have the Cosmopolitan,
and the Venetians have… the Spritz!

Sprisss, Sprissetto, Veneziano, names change, as well as ingredients,
but one thing has remained through generations:
Enjoy a refreshing cocktail during the cocktail hour !


EspritzLibre is the newest version of this famous traditional cocktail, in a ready-to-drink version to enjoy in all simplicity a real aperitif according to the Italian style.

In order to better appreciate this sparkling cocktail and its refreshing taste, with its acid sweetness and this soft bitter’s flavour, you only have to uncap the ready-to-drink bottle EspritzLibre, to add several ice cubes and an orange zest, all of this in a short glass for a relaxed aperitif. You’d rather have a more glamourous aperitif? Repeat the steps above and mix everything in a balloon glass!



The birth of a beverage promised to a great future.


The birth of a beverage promised to a great future.

At the beginning of the 19th century, during the Hapsburg’s reign, Austrians installed in Veneto are used to a relatively sweat win, compared to the multitude of rich and strong wines available there. As a souvenir of their land, they “thin” sparkling wine with water: the Spritz is born…


The Spritz fills up with bubbles!


The Spritz fills up with bubbles!

During the 20th century, seltzer water has been created: a small bottle of gas in a siphon adds bubbles to the water when it is served… And now the Spritz is becoming frizzante and, overall, can be used with any wine!

An easy and obvious adaptation… for every taste!


An easy and obvious adaptation… for every taste!

Gradually, the Spritz seduces Venetians who make this cocktail evoluate more and more, by adding bitter and Prosecco white wine. But overall, the secret of the Spritz’s success comes from the fact that it can be adapted to one’s own taste… as long as it stays orange! The Spritz is officially adopted by Venetians and becomes the traditional cocktail from the North of Italy.


The Spritz conquers the world…


The Spritz conquers the world…

The change is on its way! At the beginning of the 21st century, its reputation overtakes Italian borders and the Spritz conquers Europe and the entire world. This cocktail becomes the ambassador of an Italian art of living and the symbol of Dolce Vita!

But how to prepare the perfect Spritz?


But how to prepare the perfect Spritz?

After months of studies on Spritz’s favourite tastes, EspritzLibre elaborated a mixture with a balanced and refreshing taste, while perfectly dosing unique and surprising flavours in order to please your taste buds in all circumstances: EspritzLibre ready-to-drink is born!

You only have to uncap EspritzLibre, to add few ice cubes in order to be fresher and to perfection it with a slice of orange: enjoy all the history of the Spritz by savouring this recipe elaborated for you by EspritzLibre!


Espritz 2015 UK


EspritzLibre 2015

EspritzLibre 2015 is about to become the Summer Star! Discover our new 2015 bottle in the majority of South East’s Food Stores and around Paris… and soon anywhere in France!

Espritz Lounge & Restaurant UK


EspritzLibre Lounge & Restaurant

EspritzLibre is now available in the Lounge & Restaurant selection for you to enjoy it in you favorite restaurant or bar… surrounded by your friends and family, of course!


Saveur de l’Année 2015

EspritzLibre has been distinguished by the award Saveur de l’Année 2015 !

Saveur de l’Année allows every laureate to enter to prestigious circle of recognised products for their gustative excellence.

Thus, EspritzLibre could be part of tested products, which were tasted by a consumers’ jury, submitted to a gustatory exam (Examen Gustatif®), with blind tests made in sensorial evaluation laboratories.

This panel of 120 consumers widely appreciated our drink: now, it is your turn to let us what you think of our ready-to-drink cocktail EspritzLibre!

SIAL Innovation 2014

EspritzLibre is laureate of the Sélection SIAL Innovation 2014 which rewards the best food innovations: a real honour!

SIAL Innovation is the observatory of tendencies and innovations with its international competition, which rewards the best food innovations of the year and which offers an international recognition for the selected products.

Following the PGC SIAL committee’s selection, EspritzLibre has been taken on by the Jury composed by independent experts and will be exposed during the whole SIAL’s duration within the Innovation Pole: we are waiting for you!

And come and meet us at SIAL PARIS 2014 – Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, in Hall 5A Stand U165 !


You are a professional?

EspritzLibre is a young cocktail promised to a wide commercialisation in the next few months.
You are interrested in being with us in this new adventure ?
Mall, restaurant or cocktail bar, EspritzLibre has been made for your Clients:
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